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Battlefield 2 BF2 Unlock Weapons - Upgraded Weapons Guide
Battlefield 2 Unlocks
DAO-12 BF2 Unlock Weapon has a big revolver-style cylinder holding 12 shots which is a large number compared to other automatic BF2 Shotguns. This shotgun is extremely effective in close range encounters.

Total Magazines: 60
Magazine Size: 12
Reload Time: 0.625 per round
Standard Deviation: 3.2 0.2 0.3
Draw time: 0.8
Maximum Damage: 12

[ Accuracy. Low ] [ Damage. High ] [ Type. Semi Auto ]

BF2 Unlocks

G36C BF2 Unlock Weapon is the commando version of the BF2 Weapon G36 weighing 2.8 kilos and is only 500mm long when the butstock is foaded. In full Auto mode it can fire 750 rounds per minute.

Reload Time: 4.1
Standard Deviation: 2 0.2 0.08
Draw time: 1.166
Maximum Damage: 25

[ Accuracy. High Damage ] [ Medium Type. Full Auto / Semi Auto ]

M 95 Barret BF2 Weapon guide
M-95 Barret BF2 Unlock Weapon is the most massive Sniper weapon to date. It fires 12.7mm ( .50 ) ammunition and is one of the few handheld that is known to penetrate armored glass that is used in the Helicopter cockpits

Total Magazines: 7
Magazine Size: 5
Reload Time: 6
Standard Deviation: 3.5 2 0.5
Draw time: 1
Maximum Damage: 190

[ Accuracy. High ] Damage . Very High ] [Type . Bolt Action ]

Battlefield 2 Unlocks
MK3A1 BF2 Unlock Weapon the Jackhammer is a gas-operated heavy shotgun loaded with 7 round revolver type cylinders. Due to its long reload time its important to be carefull when firing on the full auto setting or you will find yoursel out of ammunition at a inconvenient moment.

Total Magazines: 6
Magazine Size: 7
Reload Time: 5
Standard Deviation: 3 0.3 0.3
Draw time: 1.33
Maximum Damage: 15

[ Accuracy. Low ] [ Damage. High ] [ Type. Auto ]

BF2 Unlocks
PKM BF2 Unlock Weapon 7.2mm is a 16 kilo machine gun which has amzing firepower but extremely inacurrate due to its massive recoil. best resultes are achieved when firing from a prone,stationary possition.

Magazine Size: 100
Reload Time: 6.25
Standard Deviation: 0.8 0.4 0.02
Draw time: 1.83
Maximum Damage: 45

[ Accuracy. Medium ] [ Damage. High ] [ Type. Full / Auto ]

Battlefield 2 Unlocks
G3 BF2 Unlock Weapon the Assault rifle upgrade is the big brother to many modern weapons such as the MP5 and the G36C. Its heavy and somewhat clumsy but reliable, very accurate and extremely powerfull.

Magazine Size: 20
Reload Time: 4.375
Standard Deviation: 2.5 0.2 0.05
Draw time: 1.166
Maximum Damage: 40

[ Accuracy. High ] [ Damage. High ] [ Type. Full Auto / Semi Auto ]

L-85 Medic weapon
L-85 BF2 Unlock Weapon the Medic upgrade Weapon is part of the SA80 weapons family. its a completely new design and when introduced to the British Army Proved so accurate that they had to redesign their Army marksmanship tests.

Magazine Size: 30
Reload Time: 4
Standard Deviation: 2.5 0.3 0.07
Draw time: 1
Maximum Damage: 32

[ Accuracy. High ] [ Damage. Medium ] [ Type. Full Auto / Semi Auto ]

Battlefield 2 Unlocks BF2 Unlocks Guide