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|2es Clan Funding

Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2005 9:01 am
by l2es-mrix


Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2005 10:37 am
by munter
1. It's bloody easy to do guys just click on the big PayPal logo ....

2. If you don't have a PayPal account send me the cash, via my offshore account, and I'll make sure mrix gets the cash ...... :wink:

3. If you don't pay we'll get MadDog to set you a SERIOUSLY difficult spelling test, or let crewey mow you down in his modded trackterrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2005 10:59 am
by Guest
Ive paid for this month but I've got a problem coming up but I should be able to get it sorted.

Im moving banks and my new bank didn't give me a switch dispite that I've been using one for 3 years. I paid with the switch im currently using but after the end of october i wont be able to anymore. So what im going to do at somepoint in the next 2 weeks is go to nationwide and scream and scream and scream till i get one as there is no reason why i shouldn't be given one.

If they still want me to wait 6 months for a review (F**KERS!!!!!!) then ill have to sort out another method of payment.

Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2005 11:00 am
by Calmae
That was me btw, i didnt realise i hadn't logged in


Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2005 11:05 am
by l2es-mrix
Ok Calmae, I have you down in my notes as paying and can understand people will get these types of vairus problems etc.

Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2005 1:48 pm
by |2es-Cyrus_The_Virus
i paid about a week or so ago i think it was but i can pay again this month if needed :)


Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2005 3:29 pm
by l2es-mrix
No you have paid and thats fine thanks but I am trying to get members set up on the new Subscriptions, if you could add 1 more fund to the new system I`ll pay you it back straight away, and I dont even have to think about it anymore. or make posts to keep asking etc

Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2005 4:34 pm
by |2es-Cyrus_The_Virus
paid again :P dont worry about paying it back to me Mrix :P


Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2005 5:02 pm
by l2es-mrix
Cheers Darren but I have posted it back! :wink:
Thanks though

Paying our Dues

Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2005 5:54 pm
by MadDog
Am I right to infer then that the correct day to pay the monthly subscription fees is the 24th of each month? Is there any way of setting up a direct debit type paypal payment so that we don't have to even worry about not making an payment?

I have been around for a few days and an not sure of the payment routine. :?:

Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2005 6:28 pm
by orienteer
mrix has sorted a PAYPAL subscription. Once paid your time to next payment is automatically displayed on the website homepage while you're logged on. :D

This is a monthly debit, no mess, no fuss.......

Look for the PAYPAL icon on the homepage