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Post by SoulCruiser » Mon Oct 17, 2005 12:11 pm

Souls' 10c worth.

Squads or Not? Well Raven is thinking similar to me. Having played in a multinational team before it can not always be predicted who will be available for matches.
Thereby hangs the crux of it. If we play dedicated squads and two ppl are not available then that squad who normally always play together becomes less effective.
I would suggest ok have named squads by all means but no fixed members in each squad. Personally I'll play with any kit in any position i'm asked. and I think the key is not who is playing in what squads only that those squads work well together. We can practice teamwork anytime with any members. The point is that each member knows how the team works. Squad leaders can be fixed but the guys making up the rest of the team should know how to work.
This will allow all players to be aware of their jobs no matter who they play with.


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Post by Maverick » Mon Oct 17, 2005 12:30 pm

Great idea Soul, thats exactly the way my thinking had started to go...

A fixed squad leader, someone with good ideas of tactics and decision making (to take the burden off a commander), but with no set personel... people are drafted into squads in the build up to a game depending on what they want to do in the match.

Hence if a squad is going to take and hold a specific control point, people who want to play anti-tank, support, and engineers, and fancy a bit of defence (at that moment in time, not always) will join that squad.

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Post by Calmae » Mon Oct 17, 2005 1:00 pm

I think the idea of squads is great. Being placed with certain members is the best way to get a tight nit team as each member will know the reactions of their other squad members in time. Yes there is the issue that not everyone will be able to make every match/practice but having another member joining a squad he wasn't situated doesn't make a massive problem as it only takes a short while to get into the flow of things. Also how to pick a squad leader. Vote? Actions observed and merited by Clan leader? we need to be fair but at the same time we'd need squad leaders who also are good leaders.

It terms of naming and how the organisation goes I don't really have any great brain storms. But alot of good suggestions have come up so far i must say.

Also i think we should have a list of everyones favourate kits as it will make the organisation of squad a hell of a lot easier

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Post by l2es-ElGordo » Mon Oct 17, 2005 3:38 pm

squad idea sounds good to me, personally, i really like the "team spirit" aspect of squads
- as a new member it's cool getting invited to join a squad after being in game for a while.

i'm sure the offers will stop once you guys realise what you're letting yourselves in for though

however i do have a problem with TS in recognising who is actually talking - i know its just getting used to the voices but it would be helpful if i knew that the only voices i was hearing were the guys in my squad.

can we set up different "areas" in TS for each squad?


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Squad idea

Post by |2es-LtColumbo4 » Tue Oct 18, 2005 9:58 am

There are a lot of great ideas in this thread, on how we can make this both function more practically, and build some healthy competition into it. I think a good way to split the clan would be to do it in different levels. I don't know too much about the army but they are split into different companies, divisions, regiments and eventually squads.

If we were to split the clan firstly into two companies then when there are only a limited number of people on the server chances are you will get even teams, however if you then have subdivisions within the 'companies' into regiments or squads or whatever then chances are that on the server at any one time there will be people of slightly different squads or companies etc, so they can compete on opposing teams.

This will help build team alliances and help us compete as a unit against other clans, increase the diversity of competition, because it will not always be one team against the other, ie sometimes squads will be working together against another set of squads from the other company and sometimes they will be battling between themselves.

Sorry for the essay, had a bit of trouble saying what i mean!! im in work mode! so my brain is switched off!!

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Post by orienteer » Tue Oct 18, 2005 12:25 pm

Ha Ha I've only just stared long enough at your sig pic columbo . . ROFL 8O

Remember KISS - Keep it simple stupid, if we try to over regiment it nothing will happen. We had enough trouble getting in the right squad rooms of two the other night never mind companies, sections etc

The allied force (if intraclan) needs to meet initially to decide objectives in perhaps squad room 1 (Allies room 1), unless you have a commander driving then just segregate into squad rooms and let the magic happen.

Will be easier if the squads are generic instead of goal based (defense, attack, spec op, air) and don't forget as we 'pop our clogs' we can talk within squad room on TS and regroup in another role i.e. another AT required to make squad better for the current map.

Also makes it easier for newer members to tell them "Your with allies get in squad room 2 on TS and await kitting instructions from your squad leader". Saves on 5 spec ops in one 6 man group........ :oops:

Organisation is one thing but what do we really want ? TIME ON THE SERVER DOING THE BUSINESS :twisted:



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Post by SoulCruiser » Tue Oct 18, 2005 3:19 pm

orienteer wrote:Organisation is one thing but what do we really want ? TIME ON THE SERVER DOING THE BUSINESS :twisted:
Nothing like a bit of Virtual Business Doing m8 :roll:

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