16 and under |2es-section ????

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16 and under |2es-section ????

Post by l2es-mrix » Sun Nov 20, 2005 2:08 pm

Hello all, from what I have heard their seems to be a fair few |2es members that have children that love to play the game BF2, I have an 11 year old "drix" who you may of seen on the server. His old teamspeak that he was using has been shut down so I have give him and his friend a room on Team Speak on the understanding that when they join they connect straight to their own room etc :wink: If we did have a junior section these members would not have to pay subsciption due to their age etc :) , many younger players tend to get on when the older members cannot and can be very good for helping the server to fill up early in the day! :wink: If there was a junior section due to their age we would have to enforce strict Team Speak rules :!: :)
What are your thoughts on this please post away :)

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