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Post by l2es-roguesamurai » Sun May 10, 2015 7:46 pm

Anyone playing this? I think Army is, and BedlamBob from yrs past pops up on Steam sometimes as playing it.
I dragged myself away from BF4 a few times to try it. This is the 1st game I've bought with my own money since BF4 released. Cost me 59.99 euro !!
I can't decide whether I like it or not. Single player might be alright, played a bit of it. But it was the multiplayer I was really interested in. I don't know, to me there doesn't seem to be any point to it. Guess I'm used to playing a game where there are clear objectives, where there are winners and losers, a score board. But GTA isn't like that at all, you just go around shooting AI and the odd other player just for the hell of it. There are a few clear hacks being used too, after only a week or so that's really disappointing. Seems like the kind of game that will be plagued by them too. Their ideal game, where they can torment people for hours on end without fear of being kicked or banned.
Am I missing something?
I tried flying a chopper, wobbles like f^%k constantly, apparently you have to take lessons etc 1st to improve your skill. Improve my skill I ask you !!!! the cheak, I'm a BF4 heli pilot veteran, with hundreds of hours in all kinds of heli's !!!

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