new stuff for heroes of the storm [blizzcon announcement }

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new stuff for heroes of the storm [blizzcon announcement }

Post by l2es-GrIm » Fri Nov 06, 2015 11:49 pm

heres some info coming from blizzard in regards to heroes of the storm


New Game Mode - Arena

You're given 3 random heroes to choose from (for 45 seconds), then select an heroic and join the fray. Players can have the same hero!
Will have specific maps for it. They showed maps that seem to be related to the current themes (Dragon Shire, Garden of Terror, Sky Temple).
Still in development - no ETA.
You're given a random hero, chose an heroic, and are thrown into a 5 minute non-stop fight built around a single map objective, played in rounds in a "best of 3" format.
Every round the Layout of the map changes!
Healing from the Hall of the Storm is instantaneous, and Death Timers are shorter.
New Battleground - Towers of Doom

Seems to be a Halloween themed battleground.
When you destroy enemy towns, they become yours!
New Heroes

Genn Greymane - seems to be capable of fighting as both melee (Werewolf form) and ranged (firearm).
Lunara - Dryad ranged hero.
Tracer - available likely after Overwatch launches (at most June 2016).
Cho'Gall - 1 hero controlled by TWO players!!!
Players who attended Blizzcon or bought a Virtual Ticket will get Cho'gall for free.
If you party up and play 2 games with someone who does not have Cho'gall, they will unlock the hero for free as well.
If you play 4 games as Cho'gall with someone else, you will get bonus gold!
New Skins and Mounts!

There seems to be a few Halloween themed skins - for Arthas, Brightwing (or could be a special mount for Arthas), Sylvanas, Stitches (Santa Claus?), Greymane and Cho'Gall.
Lunara seems to have an Armored Night-Elf Lunara skin.

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