good news if your a star trek tv fan

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good news if your a star trek tv fan

Post by l2es-GrIm » Wed Jun 20, 2018 6:45 pm

so off the back of the very successful first series of star trek discovery (which is on netflix and you should totally watch it it is awesome seriously i dont know why you have not watched it already go do it) the producer/writer/creator Alex Kurtzman, has extended his production agreement with CBS Television Studios through 2023 this means essentially everything he creates or his company (secret hideout) creates cbs will have dibs on

now you might be wondering why this is good news for trekkies well...
As part of the new production deal, Kurtzman will supervise the expansion of CBS’ “Star Trek” franchise for television, developing new series, mini-series and other content opportunities, including animation. Under Kurtzman’s leadership, the newest addition to the franchise, STAR TREK: DISCOVERY, made an impressive creative and commercial mark in its first season. DISCOVERY launched to widespread critical acclaim and commercial success in the U.S. on CBS All Access and around the world. Production for season two of DISCOVERY is under way,
see the full announcement here >> ... year-deal/

now another site denofgeek has 3 separate articles about this about 3 unconfirmed series that are being developed

1, a jean luc picard centered series its unclear if this is a reboot of the next generation a continuation or something else but it would see patrick stewart reprise his role as jean luc picard ... evelopment

2, star trek academy this would be a series set in the starfleet academy that all your fav starfleet characters went thru i expect this to be something like buffy or the like a going to school drama learning all about starships all the while dealing with life threatening issues ... hes-closer

3, a star trek animation series this would be an animated series and is unclear what time frame we are looking at will it be original series will it bridge the gaps of other series who knows ... -the-works

and this all the while we have star trek series that is 4 star trek series on air/in the works seems like cbs are setting there phasers to kill and not just to stun i just hope there here in warp factor 10 speeds

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