new shows coming from the states this september

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new shows coming from the states this september

Post by l2es-GrIm » Fri Jun 22, 2018 10:36 pm

so we have had some shows cancelled if you wanna know about that check this post out

but as the saying goes out with the old in with the new and we have some new shows that are a coming check this link out for full info ... x-and-nbc/

however below is a few of the standouts to me for good and bad reasons

the rookie - staring nathan fillion - instant buy for me i will be watching this just because it has nathan in everything he seems to touch turns good in some way firefly has a huge fanbase and castle was amazing and ran for so long check the trailer out below

the fix - co created and produced by oj simpsons prosecutor this show sees a former prosecutor take a huge loss only to try to come back 8 years later when the same guy she could not put away kills again... sounds intriguing but court room dramas can be hit and miss we shall see

whiskey cavalier - an fbi agent fresh off a breakup is thrown together to work with a tough cia officer and part of a task force this shows trailer looks good but it could go either way it reminds me of leverage or chuck in a weird way will give it a go

fbi - a show set in the new york fbi office produced by crime show expert dick wolf if you dont know him you will know his other shows law and order and all the chicago series pd med fire and justice i am sold just cus of his involvement doesn't matter to me but also that the trailer is amazing too

magnum pi - peter lenkov the exec producer of other successful remakes hawaii five o and macgyver is taking a 3rd swing to see if he can make a 3rd successful remake... and i dont think he will this trailer is entertaining but i just dont know if it will connect with people

new amsterdam - a medical drama staring former blacklist actor ryan eggold and former doctor who actor freema agyeman this show centers around a man striving to put patient care first and cutting bureaucracy all the while secretly fighting cancer himself...

charmed - yes a remake of the series i used to love when i was younger that there gonna ruin... you know they will and if you watch the trailer it is confirmed WHY ARE THEY GONNA DO IT !!!

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Re: new shows coming from the states this september

Post by l2es-mrix » Mon Jun 25, 2018 10:27 am

Nothing that catches my eye personally but you never know I suppose I could give one a try :)
Thanks for the update Grim

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