Possible raven set up

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Possible raven set up

Post by Doombot81 » Sun Apr 22, 2007 9:53 pm

As requsted a raven setup as follows (based on a lvl4 mission)
U cant set the raven up like the drake ( passive tank), u must fit an active tank.

set up for a tank;

HI slots - 6 T2 cruise lunchers or best named you can afford (arbys the best),
- 2 x biggest smart bombs u can fit, or medium/large rail guns.
( i used to fit heavy nostaferu's in the 2 remaining hi slots, but they will only operate for 1 cycle on a npc target, rendering them useless on missions)

Mid slots - Large C5-L emergency shield booster, ionic field accelerater (30% shield boost), 2 rat spercific herdeners, larger shield extender II

Lows - 4 x power diagnostic II and 1 x ballistic control II

5x medium scout drones of your chioce

Set up 4 gank ( my favourite ) purly a lvl4 mission set up due to many cruisers. pvp different set up.

hi - 6 T2 cruises with fury cruises loaded or 3 siege and 3 T2 cruises, 2 x duel 250mm railguns (best named)

Mids - 1 x T2 large shield booster, 2 x T2 hardeners, shield extender II & target painter II

Lows - 2 power diag II (pds) & 3 ballistic control II (bcu)

5 medium scout drones of your chioce (T2 prefered) 2 killin cruisers.

A fairly common set up, and pre-revalations but proven depending on skills.
if your gonna rig it i would suggest improving your cap recharge rate so u can run a XL shield boost constantly. target painter for killing cruisers very quickly with your cruise missiles. mix and match the setups to gain a compromise between the 2, depending on situation and skills. t2 bcu, pds & shield extenders are a must, try not too settle with t1 versions of these.

any improvements are welcome.

Hope this helps.

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