Great scrim

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Great scrim

Post by l2es-roguesamurai » Fri Apr 22, 2011 5:15 pm

Was a great scrim last night. It wasn't arranged in advance incase anyone reading this thinking 'why wasn't I invited'. It was a sudden decission. Thanks to Cat for organising it.
We won :D :D against the KK clan 8O who are apparently 5th in the league :D
Was great fun, if maybe a bit nerve racking, can't wait to play another. I managed to rack up a few kills, unfortunately 1 of those was Mrix............ and unfortunately another 1 was Justme........ minor technicalities.
Capt nominated himself as the 'bait' charging through the map letting rip to draw their attention and give away their positions. Unusual tactic, but worked well :D
We did much better than what I honestly expected. We have some good players, but haven't had much match practice and had no real gameplan other than plant the bomb and kill people. We would never know which target we were going for untill whoever got the bomb said, " i'll go A I think " . It all came together well though and we did well, especially the defending I think.
I think it would be easy to over complicate matches like that, with elaberate game plans, and each person having a set task. Would also ruin the fun part of it. Can't remember the score, but i'm sure someone will put it up.

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Post by l2es-mrix » Fri Apr 22, 2011 6:47 pm

Winning matches is great fun and always has been :D
If we had of been slaughtered last night this might of been a different post :lol:
But if you dont at least try I guess you will not at least give yourself a chance of the great times so a big thanks to Kitty for arranging it :D
Also thanks goes out to Army for working after the clan server console.

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Re: re:

Post by l2es-roguesamurai » Fri Apr 22, 2011 7:08 pm

l2es-mrix wrote: If we had of been slaughtered last night this might of been a different post :lol:
Ye of little faith :D

It was a fun match, for me anyhow, and I think even if we'd lost it still would've been good. They were getting the better of us in the 1st half of the 2nd match, and it was starting to look like they were going to turn it round, but it remained fun and we held onto the lead. If you get a hammering though, it does somewhat dampen the spirits. The main thing is keeping it fun, which we did, no one got carried away or took it too serious. I think thats part of the reason we won. When you get frustrated you start to play bad, and the worse you play the more frustrated you get and so on.
I remember 1 match I played in BF2, we had got beaten quite convincingly in a previous game, then in this game we got a severe hammering. It crushed everyones spirits and that was the last 1 we played to my memory. That was when Paradigm-shift was playing with us, the best BF2 player I ever seen, and we had several other real good players. Thankfully most players dont take COD so serious as BF2. Paradigm had all sorts of map demo's with tactics and all kinds of stuff. A lot of people took that game extremely serious.

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Post by l2es-Snipercat » Fri Apr 22, 2011 8:16 pm

Ja, es hat gestern Abend wieder sehr viel Spaß gemacht. Leider musste ich euch vor Ende des Scrims verlassen, denn ich musste 5 Stunden später zur Arbeit. Danke Army, dass du für mich eingesprungen bist. Denn es ist nicht üblich ein Spiel vorher zu verlassen. (eine Scrimregel)

Ich habe meine Fühler ausgestreckt nach einigen Clans, gegen die wir in GC- Zeiten in Edom gespielt haben. Dieses habe ich getan, damit wir auch ein paar Scrims spielen können und unsere Erfahrungen sammeln. Da Einige von uns sehr gut spielen und großes Interesse daran haben, ist es an der Zeit einen Anfang für die Liga zu starten, indem wir Friendlys spielen. Dieses werde ich versuchen zu organisieren - spontan - je nach dem wie viele von uns online sind. Ich habe gestern ein Angebot für uns bekommen, wo wir in einer neuen kleinen Privatliga mitspielen können. Ich warte aber noch auf Anweisungen. Ich werde es bekannt geben, sobald ich mehr weiß.

Wir müssen allerdings noch einige Sachen der Taktik besprechen. Es ist beim nächsten Scrim (Friendlys oder Innerscrim) ein Leader im jeweiligen Team zu bestimmen. Dieser sagt, wo es lang geht, wer welche Position einnimmt und wer die Bombe trägt. Und wir werden in jedem Scrim einen anderen als Leader bestimmen. Es sind den Anweisungen des Leaders zu befolgen. Auch wenn man eine Position einnehmen muss, die einem nicht gefällt. Nur so können wir gemeinsam lernen und Teamgeist entwickeln.

Der KK- clan gegen den wir gestern Abend gespielt haben ist in Edom auf Rang 5 in open ladder *yeah baby* look here : Edom

Wir haben sehr gute Chancen!!!

Google Translator:

Yes, it has again last night was a lot of fun. Unfortunately I had to leave you before the end of the scrim, because I had 5 hours later to work. Thanks Army, that you are filling in for me. For it is not customary to leave a game before. (a Scrimregel)

I stretched out my feelers to some clans, against which we have played in GC times in Edom. This I did, so we can play some scrims and gather our experiences. Since some of us play very well and have great interest, it is time to start a beginning for the league by playing Friendlys. This I will try to organize - spontaneously - depending on how many of us are online. Yesterday I received an offer for us, where we can play in a small new private league. I'm waiting but still statements. I will announce it when I know more.

However, we must discuss some matters of tactics. It is up to the next scrim (or Friendlys Innerscrim) a leader in that team. This tells you where to go, who takes what position and who is the bomb. And we will determine in each scrim another as a leader. There are to follow the instructions of the leader. Even if one has to assume a position that one does not like. The only way we can learn together and develop team spirit.

The KK clan-against is we have played yesterday evening in Edom at rank 5 in open ladder * yeah baby * look here: Edom

We have a very good chance!!! Image

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Post by l2es-Justme » Fri Apr 22, 2011 8:37 pm

was a great match last night lots of fun as everyone kept it light hearted. In a way i think our unorganized way of just giving it a go actually made us a much better team as we were unprodictable and rarley took the same positions. As i found with there team on jungle one round i killed a guy with a nade just after spawning so thought why not throw the same one.... ended up getting him 4 rounds on the trot as they must of had set postitions or hes a slow learner :P

I reme,ber playin mathes quite often in mohaa and it was always taken too seriously with ppl getting angry is a player missed a shot, in the end its still a game and should be fun so i'd quite happily play in a similar fashion as last night but if it gets too serious i'd be out of it.

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Post by l2es-GrIm » Fri Apr 22, 2011 9:06 pm

the bit i played was awesome my net connection died on me in case peeps were wondering....
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