the future of the call of duty exclusivity and console wars

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the future of the call of duty exclusivity and console wars

Post by l2es-GrIm » Wed Jun 17, 2015 4:38 pm

in the past whenever dlc was released for cod it went to the xbox of the day for a couple of weeks before eventually hitting pc/playstation etc

this was always seen as an argument that in the console war the xbox was superior to the playstation

but this generation of the console war has changed that microsoft have had a disastrous launch of the xbone while sony had an exceptional one now one could argue that microsoft announcing backwards compatibility to the 360 games was a good step but one of the criticisms of the xbone is that there is not enough games and so it seems there answering that with letting you play OLD games...

then sony announce they're going to be promoting black ops 3 at e3 something that microsoft has always done the tide it seems is turning then sony announce they have that dlc exclusivity deal again taking something off microsoft and now in an effort to move youtubers from xbox to playstation activision is GIVING youtubers ps4's to get them to make videos on the sony platform and even competitive call of duty players such as optic and faze clans are considering moving and one of the owners of MLG (major league gaming) a few months ago bought 300 ps4's to use in leagues

it seems to me there is definitely a winning side


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