the oddest stories of 2009!

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the oddest stories of 2009!

Post by l2es-GrIm » Tue Dec 15, 2009 4:57 am

here's some odd storys for you from 2009 all true

Missing mobile found inside giant cod

A man who lost his mobile phone on a beach was amazed when it turned up in full working order a week later - in the belly of a giant cod.

Andrew Cheatle thought the handset had been swept out to sea after realising it slipped out of his pocket while he was walking his dog. To his surprise, a week later his girlfriend Rita Smith received a call from fisherman Glen Kerley saying he'd found the phone inside a 25lb fish.

Myleene Klass gets stuck to hospital bed

TV presenter Myleene Klass was rescued by staff after getting stuck to her bed in a hotel in Costa Rica.

The 31-year-old star had sprayed herself with insect repellent that reacted with the varnish on the posts of her bed, leaving her glued to the frame.

Myleene was forced to phone for help after realising she was stuck fast to the bed. She was slowly peeled off the wooden frame by hotel staff.

Women superglue man's penis to stomach

Four women in the US were charged after supergluing a man's penis to his stomach.

The incident occurred as part of a pre-planned ambush in a motel room by the man's wife and his various lovers.

Scottish footballer injured by egg explosion

A Scottish footballer was hospitalised after being scalded when an egg exploded in his face.

Glasgow Rangers defender Kirk Broadfoot was inspecting two eggs he had poached in his microwave when one exploded and squirted scalding water in his face.

Broadfoot immediately phoned his parents who rushed to his home in Ballochmyle, Ayrshire, and took him to hospital.

Housewife takes washing machine repair man hostage

A woman became so sick of her constantly malfunctioning washing machine that she took drastic action and held the repair man hostage.

Tracey Fox, 42, of Thornley, County Durham, bought her washing machine in March 2008. She had called out an engineer to repair it on five occasions.

On January 13 2009, her patience finally ran out. After surviving without her washing machine for three weeks, she took the law into her own hands. She barricaded herself against the door and refused to let the Currys engineer out of her home.

'Thatcher dead' text causes confusion

A text message reading "Thatcher has died" sparked a minor diplomatic incident in Canada.

The author of the message was the country's transport minister John Baird, who was announcing the death of his pet cat.

However Canada's prime minister Stephen Harper was mistakenly informed that the message referred to the the 84-year-old former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher.

Woman rescued after week trapped in toilet

An Australian woman was trapped in her toilet for a week before neighbours heard her cries for help.

The 67-year-old woman, a resident of the Ipswich suburb of Eastern Heights in Queensland, had fallen and wedged her feet either side of the lavatory, with her body against the inward-swinging bathroom door.

Dog found after 14 months

An Australian warrior who went missing in action in Afghanistan was found safe and well.

Sabi, a highly-trained bomb sniffer dog, disappeared for 14 months. The black Labrador became separated from her handler when Australian, US and Afghan Special Forces clashed with Taliban insurgents in southern Afghanistan in 2008.

Farm worker counts 100,000 sheep

In March a farm worker told of how he had counted more than 100,000 sheep so far this year - but not in a desperate bid to fall asleep.

Instead Andrew McGillivray, 35, had scanned pregnant sheep so he could tell the farmer how many lambs they were expecting. The farmer could then deduce how much feed to give each sheep to ensure the lambs grew to the right size for a healthy birth.

Woman's life saved by cash-stuffed bra

A Brazilian woman shot in the chest by robbers survived the attack thanks to rolls of money she had stuffed into her bra.

Brazilian media reported that 58-year-old Ivonete Pereira was travelling on a bus in Salvador, the capital of the north-eastern state of Bahia, when the vehicle was held up by two armed men. A shootout began and Pereira was hit in the chest by a stray bullet. Luckily, the cash stashed in her bra slowed it down enough that she survived.

Toddler weds dog to defeat tiger curse

Members of an eastern Indian tribe married off a toddler to a female dog in a bid to prevent his predicted death in a tiger attack.

Parents of the groom, 18-month-old Sangula Munda, were advised to arrange the marriage when they noticed a tooth growing from their infant son's upper gum.Community elders in Orissa state's Jaipur district believed the tooth was a bad omen suggesting that the toddler was destined to be killed in a tiger attack.

According to tribal tradition, his grisly fate could be prevented by marrying a dog.

Magic goat detained for armed robbery

A goat was put in police custody in Nigeria on suspicion of the attempted robbery of a Mazda 323 car.

Vigilantes took the animal to a police station, claiming it was a male criminal who had used magic to transform himself into a goat in order to evade capture after stealing the vehicle.

Seven-year-old Indian girls 'marry' frogs

Two seven-year-old girls from a remote village in India married frogs in a bizarre wedding ritual.

The young "brides", Vigneswari and Masiakanni, hailed from the village of Pallipudupet in Tamil Nadu's Villupuram district. The wedding ceremony, a highlight of the annual Pongal (harvest) festival, was conducted to prevent the outbreak of mysterious diseases in the village.

Man gives neighbours poisoned curry

A 37-year-old from Manchester admitted serving his neighbours a portion of Indian takeaway laced with slug pellets.

Gary Stewart, 37, handed the curry to Marie Walton and Beverley Sales by way of a peace offering. It followed months of bad feeling between the adjacent residents, including an alleged abduction of the couple's three-legged cat.

Teen paints giant penis on parents' roof

A teenager who painted a 60ft phallus on the roof of his family's million-pound mansion got away with the prank for over a year before his parents found out.

Student Rory McInnes, 18, climbed on to the flat roof of his parents' home and daubed the phallic symbol in white paint (not pictured above) after watching a TV programme about Google Earth.

Rory's parents, Andy and Clare, didn't discover their son's handiwork until a helicopter pilot spotted the oversized organ as he flew over their home near Hungerford, Berkshire.

Rabbit obsession woman is jailed

An American woman banned from keeping rabbits after she became obsessed with them was jailed when police found her in a hotel room with more than a dozen.

A judge said 47-year-old Miriam Sakewitz broke her probation by having the rabbits and sentenced her to 90 days in the county jail.

Man sent to jail for yawning

A man in the US received a six-month jail sentence for yawning "boisterously" in court.

Clifton Williams, 33, was attending the Will County Courthouse in Illinois to hear the sentencing of his cousin, who had pleaded guilty to a drugs charge. As Judge Daniel Rozak delivered his verdict of two years' probation, Williams let out a yawn.

The judge responded by giving Williams a six-month prison sentence, the maximum penalty for criminal contempt without a trial by jury.

Girl hospitalised by falling tortoise

A Chinese girl lost her memory after being struck by a falling pregnant tortoise as she walked with her aunt along a street.

Unsuspecting 12-year-old Cheng Cheng was struck by the plummeting creature as she walked with her aunt Ling Lang in Chongqing, central China.

Woman bites off lover's penis in car crash

A secretary involved in an affair with her boss reportedly bit off her lover's penis while performing oral sex in a car.

Sin Chew Daily and China Press reported that the painful incident occurred in a park in Singapore where the couple met after work.

The 30-year-old secretary was performing oral sex on her boss when the car was shunted by a reversing van. According to the China Press, the impact of the crash caused the woman to bite off her lover's organ.
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Post by l2es-GrIm » Tue Dec 15, 2009 4:58 am

Woman to marry fairground ride

A 33-year-old church organist from Pennsylvania planned to marry a magic carpet fairground ride.

Amy Wolfe claimed to have objectum sexuality, a condition that makes sufferers attracted to inanimate objects. She had been 'courting' the attraction, an 80ft gondola ride called 1001 Nachts, for a decade.

Girl gets head stuck down toilet

An 18-year-old got her head wedged in a toilet bowl while attending a music festival.

Charlotte Taylor managed to get herself trapped inside the public convenience at the Leeds Festival during the August bank holiday, after reaching inside to try and retrieve her handbag.

She was stuck in the bowl for 20 minutes until firefighters arrived to prise her free.

Pigeon is 'faster than broadband'

An IT company in Durban, South Africa discovered that a pigeon could carry data faster than broadband.

Staff at Unlimited IT pitted an 11-month-old bird bearing a 4GB memory stick against the ADSL service from the country's biggest web provider, Telkom.

Winston the pigeon took two hours to carry the data 60 miles, the same time it took the ADSL line to send just 4% of the data.
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